Creative Nonfiction

Situated: Finding Place, People, and Nature in Reading by Rebecca Ethridge

December 18, 2020

Like many this year, I found myself uncomfortably situated inside my home in isolation that seemed to grow longer and longer each day. I had plans for the first half of the year. I wanted to prepare myself for my …

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Readings on Belonging by Petra Salazar

November 20, 2020

The existential bodies of marginalized people are the new frontier for colonial land grabs. I was recently told, “I have una alma Latina (a Latin soul),” by a man who most certainly did not. He and Jessica Krug, the GW …

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A Failed Attempt at Escaping Reality by Cat Robinson

November 14, 2020

Reading as a writer is an odd activity at times or at least in my personal experience. As a writer I find myself always looking for something in a text. I go in with the intention of analysis; to pick …

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What Am I Reading? by Sam McCormick

November 6, 2020

It’s hard to navigate the rattling in my brain at the question: what am I reading? Is it, also, what have I read? Read recently, or forever ago, which continues replaying? If it means reading in this very moment, is …

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Literary Lessons from an Unplanned Collection by Emma Boggs

October 30, 2020

Do you ever read what you initially thought was a random assortment of books, only to find they are surprisingly related? By this I don’t mean a link that you yourself might draw loosely within your subconscious—I mean a super-strength …

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Reading for Respite by Angela Winsor

October 23, 2020

In May, a series of complicated and boring events led me to Greensboro three months before I actually needed to be here for the start of my new degree program. While I would’ve been on lockdown anywhere, I was suddenly …

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Reading Cover to Cover and Smile to Smile by Dom Witten

October 16, 2020

My name is Dom, but I am known in circles as Domo, Nikkie, Dominicki, Sunshine, Dominoque and of course Dominique. I write poetry and I guess that makes me a poet. Well on second thought, one of my Poetry Club …

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Notes from Home by Glenn Bertram

October 9, 2020

As a writer, I’m fascinated by the idea of home as a physical and conceptual space. I don’t labor under the impression that I, or my characters, fully comprehend that space; there’s a lot to parse, and true understanding is …

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Flavors of Literature: Books to Satisfy your Literary Appetite by Gillian Perry

October 2, 2020

When the world went into hiding, and the coronavirus pandemic swept the nation, I found myself unemployed, planning a move across the country, and itching for human connection. All of a sudden there was entirely too much time and no …

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Piles and Piles of Books by Sophie Shaw

September 25, 2020

What I have on the nightstand beside my bed began as a book stack and has now quickly become a book tower. On a plastic storage bin nearby is what you might call a book pile – spread out and …

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